Medical Ear Piercing Georgia

We have found that a lot of parents would love to get their precious little ones ears pierced but do not like the options they have. Adults who have made that decision to pierce their ears also expressed their wish for a different type of ear piercing experience. There is a need for a comfortable, safe environment staffed by experienced medical professionals who can perform this procedure in a sterile manner. This is what inspired us to start offering ear piercing to babies, children and adults. We offer a hygienic and pleasant ear piercing experience in a comfortable environment. Your ear piercing will be done by a trained medical professional and in addition, we use medical grade, sterile, nickel free to reduce the risk of complications and allergic reactions to almost zero. We offer single or multiple earlobe piercings. While there are many types of ear piercings, we only do earlobe piercings and do not pierce any other part of the ear or body. The earlobe is the safest part of the ear to pierce and has the lowest incidence of complications. You can have the first or subsequent piercings done at our facility.

Our Doctor

Dr. Una and her staff use the most advanced system available for ear piercing. This service is offered from the age of 2 months till adulthood. The oldest we have had the privilege of serving was a sweet lady from North Carolina on her 72nd birthday! The fee for this service starts at $70 depending on the type of earring you choose for your piercing. We are the go to provider for this service in Georgia, however, we have had customers come in from as far as Tennesee and North Carolina to experience our quality of service.

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