I recently saw Dr. Una to have my 8-month-old daughter ears pierced and it was worth the visit! I was nervous, but she made me and my daughters feel so comfortable. It was very easy to get an appointment for an ear piercing. Also, it was the great choice to have her ears pierced by a pediatrician!Dr. Una was so nice, quick and the price was not much more than mall piercing. I would recommend anyone have their little-loved one's ears pierced by her! Thank you again, Dr. Una…the earrings look amazing!! KlJohn

Finally got it done!!! My daughter had desired to have her ears pierced for quite a while. However, we really weren't comfortable having the procedure done at the local mall. So, we were very glad to find this service offered by a doctor's office. Moreover, Dr. Una was very kind, patient, and professional. Everything went very smoothly, and my daughter is doing well. We definitely would recommend her services to anyone. P

It was a very great welcoming place. I got my baby's ear pierced. He was just 2 months and 1 week. They served him so well and within a fraction of click work is done...so no more mess... Thanks, Dr. Una. Maddy

The best environment for ear piercings! Really great experience! Very friendly and helpful. I felt safe going there and wasn't worried about getting an infection because everything is sterile. The whole process was quick and convenient, and I would most definitely recommend to a friend. Crystal